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[Photos via Madeyewlook, Jordan Hanz, Glam&Gore, Dope2111]

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start narrowing down what you’re going to be.  While costumes are important, being able to do some amazing special effects makeup will enhance your look, and it’s a fun way to show off your makeup skills.

There’s a lot that goes into special effects makeup, so it’s easier to learn with help. Luckily, there are dozens of special effects makeup artists on YouTube with tutorials for looks, techniques and more. Check out these 10 amazing makeup artists who are absolutely killing the SFX makeup game below.

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1. Glam&Gore

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Glam&Gore, real name Mykie, is one of the most popular special effects makeup artists on YouTube. She has videos transforming herself into nearly everything from the Grinch to a Tide Pod zombie to the Exorcist. She combines glamour with gory special effects to make some of the most realistic looks online.

2. Emma Pickles

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Emma Pickles is able to transform her face into a work of art with makeup looks inspired by vampires, monsters and more. She did an amazing Pennywise from It tutorial that was to die for, and she always tries to think out of the box to make her designs her own.

3. Kat Sketch

Kat Sketch does a variety of different special effects, with many being inspired by pop culture and current events. She’s made herself a Lion King-inspired zombie and Walt Disney’s ghost. One of her most popular videos is her poisoned Snow White look that put a creepy twist on the classic Disney princess.

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4. Dope2111

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This YouTuber can create complete optical illusions with makeup that will have you second-guessing what you’re seeing. Dope2111 has flipped her head upside down, totally transformed herself into Emily from The Corpse Bride and went viral for her trippy double-vision makeup look.

5. Bonnie Corban SFX

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This YouTuber is all about the gore. She’s made her lips appear pinned shut, her flesh seem like it’s peeling off and transformed herself into an alien from another planet.

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6. ellimacs sfx makeup

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The best way to describe this channel would just be to say that it’s freaky. From making her eyeball fall out to somehow making it look like a knife was sticking through her head, this YouTuber has some insanely creative and horrifying ideas for Halloween and more.

7. Karolina Maria

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Karolina Maria has videos for both beginners and experts that aren’t only trippy but beautiful, too. She created an illusion on her face to resemble a pencil beingviolently stabbed through her nose, so you definitely shouldn’t sleep on her.

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8. Freakmo

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If you’ve been dying to learn how to make scars or burns using makeup, this channel is the place to turn to. Aside from the general tutorials, she makes creepy renditions of zombies, mummies and more.

9. Jordan Hanz

Jordan Hanz’s makeup creations are special for the extreme attention to detail that’s added to make each one a work of art. Even in her creepiest looks, she always has on-point makeup that appears like it was done by a professional. 

10. Madeyewlook

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This is another one of the most popular special effects YouTube channels, and for good reason. Madeyewlook has a huge variety of designs inspired by things such as movie characters, Snapchat filters and more.

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