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Don’t get me wrong: The very second cold-weather season begins, I line up my favorite black nail polishes and prepare to enter full-on emo mode. That said, I’m definitely not opposed to sprinkling a liiitle bit of color into my manicures when the occasion calls for it, especially ’cause the year’s coolest nail trends usually pop up around wintertime. And unsurprisingly, this year is no exception—the winter nail trends you’re about to see everywhere are inspo-worthy AF (think: non-cheesy candy canes, ultra-sheer neons, and a surprising new animal print). Ahead, 10 ideas to get you super pumped for winter (sry, summer).

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1 Winter Nail Trend: Tortoise Shell

2 Winter Nail Trend: Sheer Neon Lines

3 Winter Nail Trend: Subtle Rhinestones

4 Winter Nail Trend: Cow Print

5 Winter Nail Trend: Pearl Accents

6 Winter Nail Trend: Candy-Cane Colors

7 Winter Nail Trend: Metallic French Manis

8 Winter Nail Trend: Reverse French Manis

9 Winter Nail Trends: Multi-Colored Swirls

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to ditch your pastel nail polish. Try out these multi-colored swirls for size, which will look über-cool against your all-black winter uniform.

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10 Winter Nail Trend: Mixed Prints

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