1. Go wild or go home

This fall is going to be really wild for animal prints. They inspire power, independence and a little bit of shameless self-promotion. The zoo is back on the top fashion priorities: tiger, leopard, ocelot, zebra, snakeskin, and cow are some of the most popular of the animal prints being featured as fall/ winter 2018-2019 print trends.

Animal prints have always appealed  to the more adventurous of dressers, whether in accessory choices or full outfits adorned in animal prints. While the classic, natural colors are showing up printed on everything from stockings to coats, bolder colors appear in a slight tilt that is different from what is normally expected.

So, wild stripes and spots are all over the catwalks. But are you brave enough to try a head-to-toe approach?

  1.    Second skin is in

What to wear when you mean business? Increasingly, the answer from the autumn catwalks is a leather dress. Short and sassy at Miu Miu; ankle-length and utterly, deliciously irresistible at Loewe; shirt-shaped and smart at Hermès, Tod’s, and Givenchy, leather was everywhere, and overwhelmingly grown-up. We must opt for the more matte designs though, as well as the incredible looks that have been combined with showing off some legs.

Leather dresses are making a fashion comeback because they’re part of a trend that works from runway to real life. Do you love it or what?

  1. Western Style

Fashion looked to America this season, to discover the New World through Western accents.

That sentiment appeared everywhere from New York to Paris: Tom Ford’s sharply-tailored full denim looks were Canadian tuxedo gone glam; Versace’s revival of Gianni’s original designs included leather cowboy hats and plentiful bolero ties. Of course, at Calvin Klein, Raf Simons continued his fresh take on Americana with classic Western shirts in saturated satins (and some fabulous paint-spattered cowboy boots)

  1. Lingerie Inspirations

For the past few years, lingerie has been used either as outerwear in and of itself or as part of an outfit brought out onto the fashion runways. This year, we get quite a few bustier-style constructions on dresses that show off the beauty of a woman’s body.

Lace, transparent fabrics and sexy details are all in this fall.

  1. Cover me in silver

Future-proofing your wardrobe is as simple as investing in a slash of silver, if Olivier Rousteing’s theory is anything to go by: his biannual Babe Machine of a catwalk collection was on a Sci-Fi streak for autumn, as he imagined what women might be wearing in 2050.

High impact, high shine metallic silver is hitting the runways this fall. Brace yourself.

  1. Embellished Jeans

One more major trend for this year is an embellishment. One way that fashion houses are spicing up typical denim jeans is by adding pearls, sequins, and funny patches. You can add your own embellishment that looks good to your own unique style. Pick up some items at the craft store to embellish your old broken-in jeans.

  1. Pop art print

Art-inspired prints get an abstract makeover for the upcoming season, manifesting the wildest fantasies of the designers in the most unimaginative forms. You just have to stare at these pieces of art for a while and set your imagination free to interpret the creative message behind these fall 2018 patterns.

Maria Grazia Chiuri combined abstract artistic motifs with a touch of geometry, skillfully playing with a bright color palette to create not a simple mini dress, but something remarkable that will linger in our memories for a few seasons ahead.

When it comes to Donatella Versace, she definitely knows how to turn heads with her mesmerizing colorful and bold designs that will turn the wearer into a real seductress. She used pops of color and Versace logos to unveil a strapless mini dress emblazoned with art patterns.

Sometimes art patterns for fall 2018 got a pop culture update, like in the case of the tea-length strapless Michael Kors dress that is a walking art indeed.

  1.  Big logos

Declare allegiance. Whether it’s on your chest, waistband, or feet there is no escaping fashion’s blaring logos this fall. This trend is all about going big or going home. Gucci! Burberry! Balenciaga! Versace! The fashion world has renewed its love affair with the logo and it’s bigger, bolder and brasher than ever before.

The need for loud, shouty branding fell out of sartorial favour in the late 1990s after maximalism reached fever pitch and a wealth of counterfeit goods saw it characterised as gauche and tacky.

How do you feel about this trend? Name one brand that you would wear big on your chest! Go!

  1. Classy with a twist

The Fall Couture collection by Channel features tweeds, failles and chiffons, inspired by the nuances of the big city’s pavements and old building facades. The surprising embroideries shined beneath dull grays and showcased the nonpareil workmanship of the house. Karl Lagerfeld has built everything around what he calls the “high profile”. Long skirts unzip to reveal provocative miniskirts underneath. “You can wear it zipped down when you visit your banker, no?” said the designer during a preview, “and zipped up when you see your lover after!”

The narrow sleeves unzip to the perfectly defined shoulder, too, revealing silk and chiffon linings quilted by hand to resemble the signature Chanel purse—a refinement that only the wearer would appreciate.

  1. Nudes

Her haute couture outing for Dior Couture Fall 2018 was entirely devoted to the precious dignity of such beautiful but quiet clothes, pieces sculpted and pleated and constructed (mostly sans corsets) in such a way that they could literally never exist in prêt-à-porter . . . or at least with any notion of proper fit.

The palette was blush, navy, celery, rose, tea, and every interpretation of nude one might imagine. We think we will be seeing a lot of nude shades this fall, on the catwalk and on the streets.

  1.  The future is now

Maison Margiela’s new collection is out of this world.  John Galliano’s latest couture collection is set against a backdrop every bit as innovative as the designer’s work. The Artisanal show set doubled as a first look of its own: unveiling the maison’s new architectural identity. And bright colours, innovative patterns and galactic designs will rock this fall.

Which trend will you be taking up in your outfits this fall?

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