15 Pics Of WWE Divas Without Makeup (Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To See) – TheThings

To be a female superstar, they not only need to have the moves and attitude but also the look. To help make them look the part, they must have proper ring attire and makeup fitting their character.

Nowadays, makeup seems to be taking over the world. Between all the different kits out there and all the people trying to make a career out of it, it has truly become a big part of the lives of many people, both female and male.

For this article, we are showing female superstars without makeup though, something that we rarely see. We are showing both sides of them, all dolled up and then void of all makeup.

Here photos of 15 WWE Divas with and without makeup.

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15 The Goddess: Alexa Bliss

Sports Gossip & Reddit

The Goddess Alexa Bliss is known for her short stature, but that doesn’t stop her from being one of the best in the Divas division.

Alexa is the perfect package. She is beautiful, with and without makeup, she has the perfect chiseled body, she is amazing with a microphone and even more amazing in the ring.

14 Queen Of Extreme: Lita

Instazu.com & Pinterest

Lita is another who was known for wearing very little makeup. Once known as the Queen of Extreme, she dominated the women’s division with her high-flying movies, tight top and baggy cargo pants, and tomboyish looks.

Seeing these side-by-side pics defiantly makes us double-take though. She is still stunning for her age, but there is defiantly a difference without makeup.

13 The Boss: Sasha Banks

Twitter & Pinterest

With her recent return to WWE, Sasha Banks is truly looking like a boss. From her new attitude to her stellar promos, and finally, her new look.

There is no denying that she is absolutely stunning with makeup on but seeing this side-by-side pic of her, it’s obvious that she is just as stunning without the makeup.

12 The Ravishing Russian: Lana

WWE.com & TWNP-Wrestling News

Rusev truly got lucky when he roped in Lana.

She may be lacking in wrestling talent, but she makes up for it with her smoking bod and stellar looks. Although, in this picture of her without makeup, she looks like a completely different person. Not saying she is hideous, but she defiantly doesn’t look like the Lana we are used to seeing. In fact, she looks normal.

11 The Hugger: Bayley

Amino Apps & Pikstagram

Bayley is a female superstar who isn’t like most other female superstars. She isn’t known for her flashy sports attire or stunning makeup looks. In fact, she barely wears any makeup at all.

This is what sets her apart from most of the other girls in this article. With or without makeup, there isn’t much difference.

10 The Billion Dollar Princess: Stephanie McMahon

Twitter & imgur.com

Stephanie McMahon is one of those people that gets better with age. Kind of like fine wine, the older it gets, the better it tastes.

Now, Stephanie has always been gorgeous from the day she stepped foot in the WWE, with or without makeup. With makeup, she truly looks like a boss one doesn’t want to mess with, but without, she looks like just a regular mom and wife.

9 AJ Lee

cattieswomenswrestling.wordpress.com & Ringside News

AJ Lee is another female superstar who didn’t wear fancy ring attire or lots of makeup. She was always seen skipping down the ring wearing shorts, a tank, and long converse boots, all while looking absolutely adorable.

Looking at this pic of her without makeup and wearing those big rimmed glasses though, it’s obvious that with or without, she still has that adorable cuteness that no other female superstar ever had.

8 The Anti-Diva: Paige


Paige has come a long way since first entering the WWE. Making her debut back in 2014, Paige is known as being the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history.

Since day one though, she has always embodied a goth rock persona to the fullest. Beneath all that makeup though, she is just a regular girl.

Anyone else think she looks a bit younger without it?

7 The Queen Of Glow: Naomi

Wrestling Inc. & WWE.com

Paige has come a long way since first entering the WWE. Making her debut back in 2014, Paige is known as being the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history.

Since day one though, she has always embodied a goth rock persona to the fullest. Beneath all that makeup though, she is just a regular girl.

Anyone else think she looks a bit younger without it?

6 The Queen Of Hearts: Natalya

Pinterest & Wrestling Forum

From the start, Natalya’s road throughout the WWE has been paved with challenges. Some say it’s because she is not one of the traditional divas that WWE hires.

Now, Natalya might not have a small frame, but she brought the heat every time she wrestled, and she never lost heart.

She makes the Hart family look good, even without makeup.

5 Brie-Mode: Brie Bella

honeybeileen & Sportskeeda

Ever since Brie and her sister Nikki entered the WWE, they have been a storm that no one could handle.

As the years went on though, the two started to not look so identical. While Nikki made alterations to appearance, Brie stayed the same. It’s obvious that she is gorgeous with makeup, but she defiantly proves in the pic without makeup that even drenched in sweat she is still fine.

4 Fearless Nikki: Nikki Bella

honeybeileen & Life & Style

Nikki Bella is not like her sister Brie when it comes to their personalities and lifestyles. While Nikki is known for her flashy clothes, high-heels, and expensive taste, Brie likes to live a simpler and quite lifestyle.

Now, Nikki isn’t shy about letting the world see her without makeup. She has posted many photos in the past showing her makeup-free, all with flattering lights though. Either way, she still looks gorgeous.

3 Trish Stratus

guioteca.com & 24wrestling.com

Trish Stratus was every man’s fantasy back during the Attitude Era. She was a blonde bombshell that every man wanted, and every girl envied.

As she got older, her looks just got better and even in this adorable picture with her newborn son, she proves that she doesn’t need makeup to look smoking hot.

2 The Staten Island Princes: Carmella

E! News & Pinterest

Carmella has come quite a long way since moving from NXT to the main roster in the WWE.

With her “Mella is Money” attitude, moonwalking dance skills, killer superkicks, and stellar body, she has truly proved that she belongs in the WWE.

Like many other females on the roster though, she looks like a completely different person when not working. Remove all the makeup and flashy accessories, and she is just a normal Staten Island girl.

1 The Queen: Charlotte Flair

Twitter & Saubhaya Makeup

Finally, we have the Queen, Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte is known for her flashy ring attire and “charming” personality, but she is also known as one of the most important female wrestlers in the Women’s Revolution.

Making her Raw debut in 2015, she has truly dominated the women’s division ever since.

Like Nattie, Charlotte is different than other female superstars due to her large frame, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t gorgeous, especially without makeup.