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Complete your look.

What better way to celebrate the spooky season than by experimenting with your beauty routine? October 31st is a great time to explore different looks outside of everyday wear, like a bold hair color or daring nails.

Depending on what costume you choose to wear, there’s usually an extra effort needed to complete the Halloween makeup. Lucky for us, a lot of the sexiest and most shocking looks are rather easy to master, at least according to expert makeup artists. And with their help, you can complete the Halloween makeup ideas you’ve been wondering about.

1. Fake blood

“I like to use different shades of red lipsticks ranging from a bright red to a maroon color. I like to use strawberry jelly for an extra gooey effect or to make gooey scabs,” says Noreen Taylor, founder and creator of Donore Cosmetics.

  • Maybelline On Fire Lipstick (Amazon)
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Amazon)
  • Strawberry Jelly (Target)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

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2. Crayons

For any look you do, you will need to expand your color options and get a bit artistic. Use C’Est Moi Visionary Makeup Crayons in vibrant, perfect-for-Haollween shades: Tangerine Orange, Dove White and Night Black. Create a statement eye or a unique design.


(Check out the full tutorial here.)

3. Fake veins

“I like to dip sewing thread into my red lipsticks and use the thread to create trees of veins for that extra touch creating zombie look,” suggests Taylor.

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

4. Ombre lips

“When costumes call for colored lips, I use chapstick along with eyeshadow colors and blend on my lips with a lip brush. Going darker in the corners of my mouth and lighter to the cupid’s bow,” Taylor says.

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

5. All-in-one kit

Sometimes when doing makeup for your whole squad, that means having quite the arsenal. Kat Von D Beauty now offers a Halloween Makeup Look Must-Haves Bundle that includes a mini Tattoo Liner, White Out Concealer Crème, full size Alchemist Palette, Technicolor Crayon Set, and a Glimmer Veil shade.

(Kat Von D Beauty)

6. Wild false lashes

“I like to embellish a false lash by using eyelash glue. I’ll add feathers, tinsel, rhinestones to enhance my false lashes,” Taylor adds.

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

7. Black Swan

“My go-to is MAC’s Blacktrack Longwear Fluidline paired with a Morphe M250-1 Detail Liner Brush. The combo of the brush and the liner can help get those defined outer liners and a smudged look underneath making the process of getting the look that much easier,” says makeup artist, Celisse Garcia.

  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline Gel Eye Liner (Macy’s)
  • Morphe M250-1 Detail Liner Brush (Morphe)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

8. Amy Winehouse

“You can’t do a Winehouse costume justice without the iconic thick black winged liner,” says makeup and brow specialist, Tedrick Lamar. To get that look, try the Kat Von D Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner.


(Check out the full tutorial here.)

9. David Bowie

No better time to pay tribute to the father of men’s glam. Try Ben Nye Media PRO Ultimate F/X Palette. Says Lamar, “This palette is perfect for achieving this opac, sharp design. Remember to use your favorite blush all over your face and concealer will be your best friend!”


(Check out the full tutorial here.)

10. Marilyn Monroe

If you’ve made it this far without being Marilyn for Halloween, it’s time. “We absolutely love this timeless, sexy look. The key is all in the beauty mark and the glossy ruby red liner and gloss combo,” suggests Lamar.

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

11. Mermaid

“My favorite makeup hack is using a fishnet stockings to create scales. I pull my hair back in a ponytail and pull a stocking over my head, then I use in my eyeshadow shades of pink, purple, greens, blues. Use a blush brush to dab the colors on and use an eyeshadow brush to intensify certain areas. Brush along cheeks and jawline neck as well as forehead,” Taylor says.

  • GARTOL Fishnet Tight Stockings (Amazon)
  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection (Ulta)
  • NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette (Target)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

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12. Possessed Doll

“To create a frightfully fun ‘Possessed Doll’ look, you will need four products: Kryolan’s Aquacolor Wet Makeup in the color TV White, Eye Shadow Trio Set in Smokey Grey, Lip Stain in the color Jazz, and Dual-sided Contour Pencil,” says Jordan Plath, Professional MUA and Head of Education at Kryolan USA. 

Step one: Using a makeup sponge, wet the surface of Kryolan’s Aquacolor and apply a thin layer to the entire face, neck and any exposed area of the body. Use a buffing motion to blend to a smooth finish.

Step two: Using an eyeshadow blending brush, apply the color Stone from the Eye Shadow Trio Set to the hollows of the cheeks, a little to the hair line and to the eyelids. Next, use the color Black Star G and blend into the eyelid crease.

Step three: With your finger, apply a light layer of Lip Stain to center point of the apples of the cheek. Use a tapping motion to blend slightly outward in all directions. With the Lip Stain applicator, apply a layer to the lips, exaggerating the bow for an especially doll-like effect.

Step four: Use the Black end of the Contour Pencil to draw small fractures and cracks on various parts of the face and body. Keep the lines straight and angular for added realism. Continue by lining the eyes, making sure to draw below the actual bottom lid to make the eyes round and doll-like. Create doll-like lashes drawing lines downward from the false bottom eye line, and up and outward on the top eye line. Use the Brown side of the pencil to draw arched eyebrows.

  • Kryolan Aquacolor Wet Makeup in ‘TV White’ (Amazon)
  • Kryolan Eye Shadow Trio Set in ‘Smokey Grey’ (Amazon)
  • Kryolan Lip Stain in ‘Jazz’ (Amazon)
  • Kryolan Dual-sided Contour Pencil (Amazon)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

13. Zombie

“First, you want to dull down the complexion by using a foundation that is 3-4 shades lighter than your skin tone,” suggests Kate Stromberg, makeup artist. Next, to get that gaunt, sunken-in face, use gray, black or various shades of purple eyeshadow to contour your cheekbones, eyes and neck. 

She adds, “When adding contour to the cheekbones, jawline and eyes, you’re adding depth to each feature so the colors used should be in taupe or gray tone that is darker than your skin tone to create an illusion of a shadow.” For Halloween purposes, stay away from using a bronzer.

  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation (Walmart)
  • Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Purple Eye Shadow Quad (Amazon)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

14. Leopard

“To make things look really realistic, use a double-ended eyeliner so you can easily vary the size and weight of the spots, dots, lines and whiskers you’re drawing. The 2 The Point Double-Ended Eyeliner from Doll 10 is a great option that’s long wearing and has intense pigmentation,” recommends Julia Dalton-Brush, makeup artist and founder of B3 Balm.


(Check out the full tutorial here.)

15. Ice Queen

“Apply the Danessa Myricks Colorfix 24 Hour Cream in Glacier to eyes, cheeks and lips for a truly ethereal look. You can even run a disposable mascara wand through and apply to lashes to really take the look to the next level,” says Dalton-Brush.

(Danessa Myricks Beauty)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

16. Skeleton

“My number one tip for making sure any face makeup stays on the whole night is to apply translucent powder before and after the application. Cover FX translucent powder is awesome at preventing streaks and drips, while also reducing flashback from the camera,” says Garcia.


(Check out the full tutorial here.)

17. Vampire

“Start by pulling your hair back and adding an all-over dusting of white baby powder. Then add dark, bold and slightly pointy brows. Next up: fangs! Smaller fangs are fangalicious, but wearable all night. Of course, ‘blood’ running down your chin is the finishing touch. You can use a true red lipstick that won’t shift, or you can go for an oozing bloody look. Dress in back, add a black cape and you’re good to go,” suggests makeup artist and brow expert, Tonya Crooks.

  • Arches & Halos Angled Brow Shading Pencil (Target)
  • Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs (Walmart)
  • MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red (Amazon)
  • Hyde and Eek Fake Liquid Blood (Target)

(Check out the full tutorial here.)

18. Removing Halloween makeup 

“It can take multiple washes and different makeup remover wipes leaving us with stained faces and irritated skin. The best type of makeup remover is an oil-based one. I recommend Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil. It glides the makeup right off with little to no effort, and leaves your skin stain-free,” says Garcia.


(Check out the full tutorial here.)

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