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Now that it’s 2020, we can finally say goodbye to the fashion disasters of the 2019 and say hello to the trends that will be leading the sartorial charge well into this new year. We love the fresh start that a new year can give us; it’s a great time freshen up our look. But that doesn’t just mean investing in a pair of jeans or new sneakers — it’s a good time to take a long hard look at our fingertips and see what nail art styles will be trending in 2020. It shouldn’t be a surprise but most of the trends that will be big in nails mirror trends that are big in pop culture and fashion in general. No, we aren’t talking Baby Yoda. Think ’90s, think western prints, and of course, bling and big nails will still be huge going forward.

Whether our nails are short or long there are tons of new styles that will let us keep things playful. One of the biggest trends that we’ve seen filter down from pop culture is astrology. We can already tell that this year, nails will be all about stars and signs. Similarly, styles taken from the Wellness trend will also influence nail trends — designs that mimic the look of crystals or gemstones will also dominate the next 12 months. Other trippy designs like mood nails, smiley faces, and asymmetrical shapes will also be big. Western styles and ’90s tie-dye will also be in focus, which is good news for people who like a bold print. We took a look at the top 20 nail styles that we can say with full confidence are going to be big in 2020. Take a look!

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