20 Things Girls Do That Makeup Artists Can’t Stand – TheThings

Makeup is something a lot of people take for granted because it is something that women use every day all over the world. A lot of women are doing what works for them, with very little actual knowledge behind how to use and treat the products.

Makeup artists are the professionals, the real deal, and they study for hours on just how makeup works. They spend a lot of time studying and learning how to apply makeup just right, how to match skin tones and how to take care of their products to make sure everything is sanitary.

This means that they know what to do and what not to do, and they cringe a little every time a woman does one of these things. We are going to go through 20 things that girls do that make up artists cannot stand.

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20 To Curl Or Not To Curl


There are still a lot of people out there who use an eyelash curler. It seems like a prehistoric product, but a lot of women still rely on them to make their lashes curly and luscious.

The mistake women make is curling their lashes after they have placed mascara. This can cause your lashes to get ripped out. You always curl first and mascara later, according to fashionmagazine.com.

19 Don’t Skimp On The Liner


There are a lot of makeup products out there that women just skip and decide they don’t need. However, according to fashionmagazine.com, a makeup artist wants you to go all the way.

If you are going to put on makeup, always finish the job. That means that when it comes to the lips, make sure you are using lip liner to finish it out and make it look neat and put together.

18 Know Your Own Skin


According to fashionmagazine.com, one of the biggest mistakes that women make is not knowing their own skin type.

When choosing a foundation, it is important to know what type of skin you are working with. Is it oily or dry? A good way to find out is to ask a makeup specialist that you would find at your local makeup store.

17 If You’re Going To Use It, Use It Right


Bronzer is a product that has become more and more popular in the coming days, and according to fashionmagazine.com, women are wearing it wrong and it is driving the professionals nuts.

Using a bronzer properly is a big deal and wearing too much can make it look like your boyfriend did your make up.

16 Throw It Away


The normal woman does not go through makeup very quickly. Makeup can seem to last them for a long time. This is not a good, money-saving, thing to do, according to fashionmagazine.com.

When products have gone bad, it is important to replace them. Even if they appear to be fine, they can cause infection and acne-prone skin.

15 DIY Is Not An Option


Another popular thing these days is for women to make their own makeup. YouTube has thousands of tutorials available on how to make makeup out of crayons and the like.

Makeup artists are urging women to use actual products that have been made for a specific reason, and that reason is to be used on your face.

14 Shimmer Is So 90s


According to fashionmagazine.com, a makeup artist also needs people to know that there is such a thing as too much.

There are products on the market that promise a beautiful shimmer, and they are great when used correctly. Shimmer creams are to be used delicately and definitely not as a body moisturizer.

13 Layering Is Not A Technique


There is an age-old saying when it comes to makeup and that is that less is more. Turns out this is not something your mother just says; it is actually true.

According to fashionmagazine.com, it is always better to buy a full coverage product, instead of having to apply layer after layer of foundation. You just end up looking cakey.

12 Clean It All


According to fashionmagazine.com, the biggest pet peeve with certified make up artists is cleanliness. Since they are constantly dealing with different people, they are fully trained and knowledgeable on how to clean their products.

Not cleaning makeup products can cause infections and rashes to pop up.

11 Sharing Is Not Caring


We have all been there, we are over at our friend’s house and they have this cool new makeup product that we are dying to try. Since it is our best friend, or even sister, we assume everything is fine because we know they are clean people.

According to fashionmagazine.com, this is a big mistake. It is never OK to share makeup products with anyone because bacteria can spread so quickly.

10 Brushes Deserve Some Respect


According to fashionmagazine.com, if you are going to invest in good-quality makeup brushes, make sure that you also invest in taking care of them.

Makeup artists see makeup brushes as handcrafted pieces of art, and they cringe every time they see them being mistreated. They should always be cleaned, and they should always be kept in a sealed carrying case.

9 Stop Pulling Your Skin


When women apply eyeliner, there is something that almost all women do. They pull on their faces to make the area tighter. According to fashionmagazine.com, this is a mistake and makeup artists would like for you to stop.

They suggest you hold it, but never pull the skin. You won’t get the look you want, and you could cause some wrinkles to form.

8 Pencil Vs. Powder


The eyebrows used to be neglected when women were doing makeup, but more and more women are paying attention to them like never before.

According to fashionmagazine.com, women are not paying attention to how to do them properly. It is important to know when to use a pencil and when to use a powder on your eyebrows. Another question that a makeup artist can answer for you.

7 Samples Can Be Dangerous


Most stored that carry makes up have tester products out for customers to use. The idea is smart, because makeup is not cheap, so it is good to be able to test something before you invest in it.

However, according to fashionmagazine.com, this can be dangerous. No one should be applying the tester product right on their lips. The tip of their finger will do just fine.

6 Dipping Fingers In The Bottle


Some people skip the brushes altogether and just use their fingers to apply the product. This is not always a bad idea, but your fingers should never go into the container of product, according to fashionmagazine.com.

This immediately introduces the whole product to bacteria that can change the formula of the makeup.

5 Being Hasty With The Pencils


One of the biggest flaws with eyebrow and lip liner pencils is that they are prone to breaking and they need to be sharpened. According to fashionmagazine.com, a makeup artist may shed a tear every time a pencil is needlessly broken.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to turn the sharpener and not the pencil when trying to get that point back.

4 Allergies Are Out There


Another thing that drives makeup artists crazy is not knowing what allergies you have, according to fashionmagazine.com.

It is important not to take make up for granted and realize that you could be allergic to some products. It is important to watch for a reaction and cease use if one continues.

3 Don’t Be Late For The Appointment


Makeup artists are professionals, and their time is precious. That is why it is always important to never be late for your appointment. This is according to candiceoliviabeauty.com.

Of course, life happens and sometimes it is inevitable, but the point is to try your best to be on time. It is always important to make sure you are ready for your appointment when they show up as well. They likely have more appointments.

2 Do Not Multi-Task


It is also important that during your scheduled appointment, you are doing nothing but getting your makeup done, according to candiceoliviabeauty.com.

The world seems to revolve around our cell phones, but they should be put to the side while you are getting your make up done. This can be considered rude and impolite to the person spending a lot of time to make you look great.

1 Stop Diminishing Their Work


According to candiceoliviabeauty.com, a big problem that makeup artists have is that they don’t seem to be appreciated.

People tend to diminish the amount of work it takes to apply makeup. They don’t see it as a ‘hard’ or ‘tedious’ job, so they treat it as such. Make up that is done properly is difficult and it is an art form. Treat it as such.

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