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Image: Twenty20

2019 Halloween Nail Art We Are Very Into

Halloween is supposed to be spooky and scary, but Halloween nail art is often just frankly awe-inspiring. When we were teenagers, all we knew about nail art was that one of our girlfriends had figured out how to use a White-Out pen on top of her manicure to create imitation French tips, and we were absolutely bowled over by it. These days, genuine artists are making absolutely incredible art on their nails, and we’re totally amazed by their efforts and technique. Whenever it comes to art made in a really temporary way like this — beautifully artful decorations on a cake, incredible makeup, etc. — we get a little sad. After all, there’s this beautiful thing that gets wiped away hours or days later, right? But at the same time, we think there’s something even cooler to this, in its way. 

Nail art can still be held onto through the magic of photography, and just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable. When it comes to enjoying the Halloween season this year, we’re totally going to be rocking some Halloween-themed nails (although they’re going to be way less cool than any of these, we’re sure — especially if we’re doing them ourselves). However, there are other ways to get into the Halloween groove. For anyone gearing up for making those Halloween classroom party snacks (or even hosting their own Halloween party for kids and/or adults), we definitely recommend checking out these 21 Spooky Halloween Snacks That Are Guaranteed to Satisfy. They’re delicious and fun for everyone, but we also recommend these 11 No-Sugar Halloween Treats the Kids Will Be Screaming For. Some kids can’t have sugar, and no kids should be having as much sugar as we throw at them this season, after all!