29 Cozy Clothing Pieces That Are Still Sexy – WHOWHATWEAR

One of the great challenges fashion girls face every fall and winter is the dilemma between choosing an outfit that’s warm and comfortable or one that makes you feel your best. When temperatures drop, it’s a constant struggle between the two as it’s pretty hard to build an outfit that does both. To look cute or be warm—that is the question.

Fall and winter are cheekily known as “cuffing season,” but it’s my personal feeling that regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, you always want to feel your best. Luckily, through my extensive searching, I’ve found a few miracle pieces that actually check both boxes—sartorial unicorns if you will. Below I’ve highlighted the 29 fall styles that are somehow both cozy and sexy at the same time so that this year you don’t have to choose.