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5 makeup tips for dusky complexion

5 makeup tips for dusky complexion  

Key Highlights

  • Applying makeup when you have darker skin can sometimes be tricky, since many makeup companies cater to lighter skin tones
  • Check out 5 makeup tips that are pure gold if you have a dusky complexion

The world of beauty and make has changed over the years. Earlier, people used to obsess over fair skin tone and try all means and methods to make their skin appear ‘whiter’. Luckily, now the world is changing and people have started embracing their natural dusky skin tone. So, if you too have melanin-rich skin then certain make-up tips can be very helpful.

The important is to remember when you are doing your make-up is that you need to embrace your skin, not cover it up. We have just the right advice to help you out!

  1. It is important that the foundation you have picked works for the skin you have. Be very careful with the base because if you opt for a lighter foundation, it will make your makeup look unnatural. Given that most brands have started experimenting with makeup for darker skin tones, it will be easy for you to pick up the right colour.
  2. Apply bronzer. We know that most of us believe that women with melanin-rich skin do not need bronzer, but it is just a lie. This makeup miracle highlights your complexion and brings out the natural glow you wanted.
  3. Avoid neutral browns and beige blushes as they won’t make an impact on your makeup. So, opt for bold strokes of blusher and go for dark colours as they will do wonders for your skin.
  4. Opt for vibrant lip colour. Whoever said that women with dark skin tone shouldn’t go for bright lipstick was out of his/her mind. Vibrant shades of lipsticks look phenomenal on women with dark skin. You can also opt for metallic colours and quirky shades like purple, orange among others.
  5. Don’t shy away from the experimenting with your makeup. If you have dark skin then you might have heard some stingy comments from your “well-wishers”. Simply ignore them all and do as you please!


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