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Makeup for ageing eyes

Makeup for ageing eyes 

Key Highlights

  • Ageing eyes can make affect the entire appearance of your face
  • To keep the eyes young, aside from eye creams in the night, various other factors need to be considered
  • With these makeup tips, you can conceal the fine lines around your eyes and make you look young and lively

Perfecting the makeup around your ageing eyes could be a task more difficult than making them look young. Considering all the wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes could make applying makeup difficult and challenging. Well, much like how your skin requires a constant anti-ageing mechanism to sustain the youth and glow of the skin, your eyes need them too. With time, the skin on your face and around your eyes goes through a constant evolution. Sometimes they work in a person’s favour and quite often, they usually don’t. Hence, it is necessary to follow an eye-care regime to ensure that your eyes look young and wrinkle-free. 

Many products might vouch for great skin and reduction of bags under the eyes. They might even promise to get rid of all the wrinkles but you can never completely get rid of them as you age, right? Hence, we’ve found a few ways and beauty regimes that you can take up to avoid looking old around the eyes. Learn about them below. 

Keep the moisture level on-check

Always ensure that the skin around the eyes is well-moisturised. Apply eye cream to your eyelids and even under your eyes before you start any makeup around them. It is essential for ageing eyes to have hydrated skin. 

Use an eyeshadow primer 

As stated above, the skin around the eyes become rather creased and sensitive with age. Hence, even if you do manage to moisturise your eyes on a daily basis, the eyeshadow applied later might not sustain for a longer duration. Hence, it is imperative that you apply an eyeshadow primer. It provides the necessary assurance that the shadow you’ve applied stays in place for a longer period of time. 

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Do not opt for powdery formulas 

You might have been a makeup pro in your youth but as your eyes grow older and wiser, it is necessary that you make a few amendments in your makeup routine. Not just the routine but even the kind of products you use on the skin around your eyes. We suggest you opt for a matte finish shadow instead of opting for powdery formulas as the shimmer from them tend to settle into the fine lines and wrinkles, making them visible. Cream shadows and eyeshadow sticks are your go-to products to avoid the visibility of fine lines. Choose neutral tones as they tend to avoid highlighting the fine lines and wrinkles. 


Wake them eyes up! 

Eyeliner and mascara are known to add finishing touches to an eye makeup routine. However, little changes in the way they are applied will make the eyes look more alive and awake. Go for softer looks by using cream pencils and liquid liners. Always opt for a smudge-proof mascara formula with good curling power. That way, when you apply it, the eyes will look bigger and restive. 

Finally, don’t forget to sleep well! 

Your eyes have the ability to speak more and be expressive. They can tell when they’ve been well-rested and when they’re being overworked. Hence, always ensure that you sleep well because, at the end of the day, a night of good sleep will give you fewer problems, not just for the eyes but even for the body!