9 Common Summer Makeup Dilemmas Solved By Pro Artists – Refinery29

If you’ve got extra time in the morning, Kenneth regularly combines eyeshadow pigment and mixing medium on shoots where makeup needs to last hours under warm lighting. He applies this using an angled brush. “Once dry, it’s both water- and smudge-proof. Try Inglot’s Duraline, £10, which is a liquid sealant.” If that’s too much of a faff, Kenneth also paints a light layer of clear mascara (he rates Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Mascara, £6.89) over a kohl liner to seal it in place for longer. It’s also worth avoiding applying eye cream to your eyelids if you regularly wear eye makeup, as creamy, oily formulas could cause smudging. Take a leaf out of Katie Jane Hughes‘ book and apply moisturiser selectivelyafter perfecting your eye makeup.