Becky G Wore 2 Nail Looks to the Latin American Music Awards, Because One Isn’t Enough – POPSUGAR

Becky G is making it known in her new single “Mala Santa” that she’s not bad . . . but she’s not a saint, either. The singer brought the same double-ego sentiment to her multiple manicures at the Latin American Music Awards by wearing two drastically different nail looks to the award show.

During her walk down the red carpet, the singer debuted white and gold nail art we couldn’t look away from. Each finger had a slightly different design, with her ring finger incorporating rhinestones for a 3D manicure look.

Once inside, Becky G swapped her white and gold look for sexy almond-shaped nails in a red-orange hue, which matched her latex ensemble for her performance of “Mala Santa.” It’s clear that, just like her personality, the singer’s beauty style in multifaceted.

Check out her multiple nail looks ahead.