Expo Vlog Day 5: Makeup for guys and expensive beds – SHINE

Today I was on the hunt for useful things at the second China International Import Expo. I was feeling a bit disheartened early on as I walked past dozens and dozens of cosmetics brands aimed at women. Surely there must be something for us guys?

And then I saw it: Triston makeup from Switzerland, which is exclusively aimed at men.

Shot by Andy Boreham and Wang Xinzhou. Edited by Andy Boreham. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Andy Boreham.

The company’s CEO, Jennifer Urwyler, told me their products are aimed at young, trendy, metropolitan men who are looking for natural, clear skin, and even those who want a bit of color and sparkle for a night out.

“It’s all natural ingredients, it’s also made to look natural on the skin,” she said. “We want to make men have perfect, clear skin, and good complexions.”

Urwyler said their top-selling products are their BB cream, which offers light coverage for everyday wear, and their high-definition makeup, which is great for filming or photography, or that long night out.

The brand is looking to launch in China, where Urwyler says the market for men’s makeup is a little more underground.

“I think men in China are looking for products that make their skin look perfect and clear, and also to look subtle, so that people can’t notice they’re wearing makeup.”

She has noticed that Asian pop stars are wearing more and more daring makeup, too, so things like lipsticks and other makeup traditionally reserved for women are also slowly entering men’s fashion.

“The idea is to accentuate a man’s natural features,” she said. “Men want to be beautiful too, just like women!”