Future of Fashion kicks off in Riyadh next week – Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Ministry of Culture has announced the agenda of the three-day “Future of Fashion” event starting here on Nov. 4. Several international and local fashion designers, representatives of the sector, investors and fashion enthusiasts will be participating in the event, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.

The event is part of the ongoing Riyadh Season activities.

The forum includes many seminars, workshops and dialogue sessions that will address the current challenges, trends and developments in the global fashion sector. The three-track includes dialogue sessions, workshops and interactive networking opportunities between international and local fashion experts to exchange their experiences. The first day will feature a keynote speech on fashion as a global industry, a “Global Branding” study, a talk with an international fashion designer on the future of fashion, and a session on digital brand building and a presentation on the digital experience of decorations. A panel discussion on communication, how to spread messages, designer work, a fashion design trip, and interviews with fashion influencers about ‘Life in the Fashion World’.

There will also be a discussion session on building a trademark digitally, a presentation on the digital experience pertaining to decoration, a discussion session on communication and ways to spread the message, the designer’s work, the fashion design process, and interviews with influential people in the world of fashion.

On the second day, the themes will focus on the importance of sustainability in the future of the fashion industry, and a dialogue session with designers concerned with the sustainability of the future of fashion. The themes will also focus on the future aspects of this industry in the Kingdom through a discussion session with fashion designers, and a session on fashion design companies in the Kingdom.

The final day will be dedicated to the fashion scene and the exhibition accompanying the event. Through the event, the Ministry of Culture seeks to support the fashion sector as one of its 16 major sectors announced in its vision and direction document. The fashion sector is booming in the Kingdom and the event aims at identifying the needs of the sector and exploring the prospects of this industry and its great potential in light of the cultural developments experienced by the Kingdom thanks to its Vision 2030.