How Makeup Artist Raoul Alejandre Got Ready for the Dior Guggenheim Gala – Teen Vogue

Raoul believes that skincare is probably the most important component when it comes to his beauty look, and he always layers a variation of serums and oils.

“I always layer a variation of serums and oils motions, pulling up towards my hairline to stimulate and plump my skin. I love incorporating my Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer on the center of my forehead, around my mouth, and beneath my eyes, as these are the places I want a blurring and soft matte effect.”


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Taking it all off is never as fun as putting it on, but Raoul notes that if he’s had a “long night on the town” he definitely does an intense cleanse.

He said, “I always start with a milky cleanser. I recommend Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk or a cleansing oil, which I will let sit on my skin as it starts to melt off the makeup. Again, circular motions and massaging my skin upwards is also important in my removal.” He follows with Dior Hydra Life Triple Impact Makeup Remover for his eyes and, “I ALWAYS use cotton puffs because most cotton rounds have plastic and that’s a major no-no for my skin!”

Favorite Product

If nothing else, Raoul says he always steps out with blush. “My absolute favorite product has to be the Dior Rouge Blush. It is such a chic compact that always makes me feel luxe when I have to retouch. I love a flushed look, so I apply on the bridge of my nose and the highest point of my cheeks right beneath my eyes. I feel like it gives me a healthy glow!”

Makeup Philosophy

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As a professional makeup artist, Raoul’s philosophy is, “always stick to what you know BUT to challenge yourself. Amp it up! Give yourself a beauty mark, maybe define your lip liner even more, or have some fun with your blush.”

He said, “It’s makeup, make it up as you go! Makeup is your chosen skin, just like your wardrobe. Mix and match colors or textures! Have fun while still being you.”

Oh, and he never leaves the house without his Dior Lip Maximizer or my Lip Glow because, “It’s the perfect quick pick-me-up if you’re feeling more natural and on the go.”