How to Create an Easy Halloween Costume With Makeup You Already Have – Teen Vogue

Hi! I’m Sarah Novio. I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I can remember (I used to ask my mom if I could wear her red lipstick constantly) and starting today I’ll be doing makeup tutorials for Teen Vogue. From looks I’m obsessed with (aka everrrrrything Euphoria) to replicating the craziest makeup some of your favorite celebs have been wearing, I am here to give you the courage to where that blue eyeliner out of the house.

Since this month is Halloween, the category is: scary, gory, but easy to replicate. I wanted to be more makeup focused this year because I never challenged my makeup skills during Halloween! I’ve always concentrated on getting the costume right and never really thought about the makeup. I also wanted to give some inspiration for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume they may only wear once.

I’ve always really loved vampires, especially the Twilight series (#teamedward, am I right?), so I decided to try an alluring vampire that looks good enough to attract its prey, which involved fake fangs and fake blood that I ordered on Amazon.

The second look I decided to go with was Queen Maleficent, one of my favorite Disney villains with obviously the best cheekbones. I really love this look because it is a really nice balance between pretty and scary. The character also deals with the duality of good and evil, and I really liked playing with that idea. I chose not to use prosthetics because I felt that that would be the hardest thing for people to get their hands on and would take some time to make. Instead, I used makeup as an illusion for the cheekbones to make this costume more accessible!\

And finally, here is your guide to how to get both looks. If you have any questions or want to show me your looks, tag me @sarah_novio on Instagram.

Catch-A-Soulmate Vampire Look

[embedded content]

Step One: First, I used Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen to get SPF protection and a clear, matte base. Then, I applied Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation in Fresh Beige and Flesh Beauty Pure Flesh Foundation in Cookie with my fingers all over my face. I used these shades because the combination gives me that perfect matte (but not drying), complexion I am looking for, as we all know vampires cannot be in the sun, don’t sleep and are very pale. I follow up with Milk Makeup Flex Concealer in Medium for extra coverage.