How To Do A Reverse French Manicure, The Newest Nail-Art Trend – Grazia

While we were all still obsessed with the French manicure revival that’s recently taken our social media feeds by storm, Fashion Week revealed a new nail nuance for SS20. The trend? Take your classic French tip and flip it. Spotted at Gucci and Halpern, the smile line (where your nail bed meets the white tip) switched over to the nail base with the tips left bare. The result? Elongated, chic talons.

What Exactly Is The Reverse French Manicure?

Marian Newman, the nail artist behind the Halpern mani explains, ‘You can’t leave French as it is, you’ve got to move it on, and that’s exactly what we did by reversing it. It’s different from the cuff (a thin line across the nail bed) – which was around for a while – as we’ve reversed the shape of the smile line.’ It works best on a round- or pointy-shaped tip, rather than a square, as you’re mimicking that shape at the base.

How To Do The Reverse French Manicure

To recreate the look yourself, Newman recommends painting the colour on before taking a small eyeshadow brush and carving out the shape. ‘So, don’t use a base coat. Go straight in with the colour, taking it half way up the nail, then carve it out with a flat eyeshadow brush dipped in nail polish remover before applying a top coat.’

To keep it cool, mix up the nail bed colour and play with texture. The nails at Halpern had a shimmering, metallic finish – pressed on with pigment. ‘You can do this at home,’ says Newman. ‘Take a shimmery eye shadow and just as the nail polish dries, gently dab on the shadow with a sponge and you’ve metal-ised it.’ Over at Gucci, nail artist, Jenny Longworth, started with a nude base before adding white just along the nail bed for a clean, polished finish.

The Best Ways To Wear A French Manicure…

Whether you opt for neon ombre tips a la Kylie Jenner, or prefer a simple French reverse manicure, take your cue from the below #nelfies.