I Tried 8 Viral Halloween Makeup Looks for Halloween 2019 – Cosmopolitan.com

Hi, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Halloween isn’t the sh*t. Because it really is. Starting your morning ritual with a daily Hocus Pocus viewing and a fresh-brewed PSL while you whisper “Oh my gourd. I love this” into the crisp air is the closest thing to heaven, no? So let’s not wreck your spooky szn by not having a lewk for Halloween, mmkay? Don’t play yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Cosmo’s Snapchat editor, Mia Lardiere, aka your average Halloween stan, painstakingly tried out these eight viral (read: you definitely have them Pinned already) makeup looks for Halloween. And don’t worry, she’s not a beauty YouTuber, so her hand is just as shaky as yours!

If you’re in a rush to get out the door? Grab a white makeup tool and look no further than the Snapchat Face Finder. Basically just a bunch of white stripes? Okay, we can handle that. Deer makeup? Difficult? Pssshhht. If this look could talk, it would be screaming, “Okay, yes, I’m six vodka Red Bulls deep, but I’m adorable so it’s okay!”

More into sea life than land animals? Live out your lifelong dream of being Ariel with this mermaid makeup look with the easiest beauty life hack you’ve ever seen. Seriously, Mia will blow your damn mind.

Okay, cool. Now that we’ve got that covered, go forth into the world! Be your most spooky, Halloween-y selves! And next time you watch a well-lit 14:39-minute pop-art makeup tutorial by your favorite beauty vlogger, make sure to whisper into your PSL mug: “If Mia can do this, I can do this.”

Jillian Fabiano is an Editorial Intern with a passion for trash TV and sample sale shopping in NYC