‘It’s Harder Than It Looks’: Carla’s Job Is To Make Osher Look Like He’s Not Wearing Makeup – 10 daily

Carla is the makeup artist behind Osher Günsberg’s impeccable hair and makeup each time he is on television.

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Carla Mico is an expert when it comes to makeup, men’s in particular.

But Osher doesn’t wear makeup? You might ask. Well when he’s in front of a camera, he definitely does and it’s Carla’s job to give him the no-makeup makeup look. It sounds tricky because it is.

Carla has been working with Osher for a long time, having done his hair and makeup since she was on work experience over 20 years ago at the start of both of their their careers.

Carla and Osher on location. Image: Supplied

Aside from making Osher look fab, Carla also plays a big role in getting Osher into the right mindset to head into filming.

Speaking about both Carla and his stylist, Mel Byrne, Osher said: “We have worked as a team for a number of years now, and no matter how I turn up to work, no matter how tired or odd or scattered I am — they help me get ready and get the vibes right and make sure I’m set to go and able to do my job.”

“I couldn’t do what I do without these two fine humans. We spend a LOT of time together and I am very grateful for both of them.”

Osher’s no-makeup makeup

Carla told 10 daily it usually takes her about 20 minutes to complete Osher’s makeup.

“Male makeup is harder than it looks because they need to be TV ready but appear like they’re not wearing any make up at all,” Carla said.

I like the challenge of that. I achieve that with minimal product and lots of buffing out the make up with a dense make up brush.

According to Carla, Osher’s makeup starts with skin prep, then a little foundation, a touch of concealer and a dab of powder.

Carla said she uses a mix of Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Bobbi Brown makeup with ‘lots of care’ so it is blended well onto his skin and looks flawless.

Carla making sure Osher is ready to go during Matty J’s season of ‘The Bachelor’. Image: Supplied

Her favourite makeup to apply on Osher is the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Liquid Foundation ($69) and she swears by the Hourglass No.7 Finishing Brush ($99) for blending it in.

“I use so many products but these are the ones worth mentioning,” she said.

Osher’s infamous hair

As well as being in charge of Osher’s face, Carla is also the woman behind his infamous hair styles which have almost taken on a life of their own.

“Osher naturally has amazing locks but I do like to wet it right down with water and blow dry it into shape so it’s TV ready,” Carla told 10 daily, adding that it usually takes her 20 minutes to do his hair.

Carla working her magic on Osher’s hair. Image: Supplied

The main hair product Carla uses the YS Park Crazy Dry Wax ($38), as well as a mixture of products from the American Crew and Kevin Murphy ranges, depending on the look she’s going for.

“We mix up Osher’s hair looks so on ‘The Bachelorette’ group dates, it’s a little more casual and for the rose ceremonies it’s more structured,” she said.

“For ‘The Masked Singer’ it was nice and slick.”

How Osher’s look has changed

Having worked with Osher for over two decades, Carla said his looks has evolved over the years.

“From the long pony tail days at Channel V to short and shaggy on ‘Australian Idol’ to short and sharp for ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Masked Singer, it’s been pure joy working with Osher since I was on work experience until now,” Carla told 10 daily.

Carla said it’s been amazing for her to be behind Osher’s fun iconic looks as well as sharing amazing experiences and working opportunities with him.

“But most importantly — Osher has become a very dear friend and an inspiration to me to be a better human,” she said.

“Plus, he has rocking taste in music — so I love that!”

Featured image: Supplied