Kelly Ripa Posts Nostalgic Birthday Tribute To Her Makeup Artist, But Fans Zero In On Her Hair – The Inquisitr

Kelly Ripa‘s fans think it’s time for a change. The Live with Kelly and Ryan star posted a birthday photo tribute to her longtime makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, which showed how he has transformed her over the years, but Instagram commenters zeroed in on Kelly and her hair instead.

In the slideshow, Kelly posted multiple pics of her alongside longtime pal Kristofer. Some of the photos appeared to be from red carpet events, while others, like a pic of Kelly dressed as Addams Family matriarch Morticia Addams, were clearly taken backstage at Live’s annual Halloween show.

In the caption to the photos, Kelly described Kristofer as a true “artist.” Indeed, in addition to Kelly, the renowned celebrity makeup guru boasts famous clients such as Mariah Carey.

But while some Instagram commenters praised Buckle and his artistry, others focused on the photos of Kelly and her shorter bob-style hairdo in the throwback snaps. Many followers urged the 49-year-old mom of three to go back to shorter hair after wearing her hair long in recent years.

“Kelly….love your hair short….time for a change,” one follower wrote.

“You should go short short again!” another told Kelly.

“Kinda miss the bob. You really rocked it,” a third fan wrote.

“Kelly you are so much prettier with short hair!!” another wrote.

Kelly did not appear to respond to fan comments about her hair, but she’s not above a clapback when commenters get out of line.


Kelly Ripa has been a morning TV staple for nearly 20 years on Live, so fans have seen her many hair transformations over the past two decades as she has hosted the daytime talk show alongside Regis Philbin, Michael Strahan, and Ryan Seacrest. The former soap star has been a brunette and a blonde, and she has rocked short waves, long tresses and everything in between. But based on her nostalgic photo tribute, the general consensus is that she should go back to a bob.

In 2013, Glamour Magazine noted that for a past hair look, Kelly cut her long hair in stages so the end result wouldn’t be such a shock for her. After she debuted a just-below-chin-length bob on Live, she admitted that her mom prefers her with long hair.

No matter what her hair length, Kelly has one trick in her back pocket. Last January, Kelly told The Cut that she has a magic “bullet” for her hair. The star said she makes an early morning coffee drink with two shots of espresso, a tablespoon of ghee and a packet of collagen powder.

“Ryan’s girlfriend got me hooked on it and I just sort of believe that if I drink it every day, my hair will be as thick as hers,” Kelly said at the time.