Kesha Walks Us Through Her New Makeup Line, Kesha Rose Beauty – Refinery29

It’s been a week since Kesha spilled the news of her makeup line to us, and as hard as it was to keep this next part a secret, it’s finally time to talk about the actual products from her forthcoming Kesha Rose Beauty collection.

As you might have anticipated, the pièce de résistance of the five-product release is an unapologetically bright shadow palette — but the Grammy-nominated singer wants it to represent more than makeup.

“It’s more of a happy, fun palette for people to fuck up and get weird with,” she told us, noting that even the name is open to interpretation. “The name of the palette is FTW, which can mean whatever you want it to mean: Fuck the world, find the whales — whatever you want.”

The palette will sell for $36 and features 12 eye colors in a round red velvet case, which is unusual since palettes normally come in rectangular packaging. (You can check out the first image of the palette above, as well as her teaser video below.)