Kylie Jenner is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to nail art (her nails even have their own Instagram fan account), and her latest two-toned manicure could be her best yet for a number of reasons.

Some of our previous favorite manicures of Jenner’s include her contribution to the return of the french manicure, her tie-dye talons, and the fact she even convinced us to try a nostalgic butterfly design. This time, she may have solved a familiar nail dilemma by getting a two-toned manicure — basically a different nail polish color on each hand. Simple but effective.

If you’re a frequent salon-goer, you know the drill: you spend 15 minutes choosing a color to then change your mind once the nail tech has already started, only to revert back to the shade you eventually choose every damn salon visit. Well, the beauty mogul has decided that you shouldn’t have to choose between two shades anymore. Jenner posted her new set on Instagram with the caption “couldn’t decide 💗💜”, choosing to have one set of lavender nails and the other baby pink in her classic superlong, square nail shape.

To successfully re-create this manicure, it’s all about choosing shades that complement each other. Either choose colors from the same shade group, such as a cobalt blue with a powder blue, or take the route Jenner did and match two pastel hues together.

Ahead, get a closer look at her manicure, plus some other ideas to take to your next appointment or try at home.

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