Makeup Fans Are Loving Uoma Beauty’s New ‘Brow-Fro’ Collection – Allure Magazine

In its short history, Uoma Beauty has made an impressive mark in the beauty industry, gaining tens of thousands of Instagram followers and even more customers who’ve quickly come to love the brand’s foundation, lip colors, eye palettes, and more. However, fans of Uoma had to look elsewhere for brow products — until now. The brand has just launched three new products known as the “Brow-Fro” collection, and Uoma’s fan base is already in love.

Having teased the new products on Instagram with models in retro, ’70s-inspired styles, Uoma finally announced the Brow-Fro collection on November 1. The trio, sold separately, includes Fro to Go, Baby Hair, and Blow Out Gel — all cleverly named, and all serving different purposes to fulfill your brow needs.

Fro to Go is an all-in-one highlighter and defining pencil, the latter of which comes in six shades and has a triangular tip for precise filling and shaping. The highlighter on the other end is applied with a small sponge tip, which sits under a cap topped off with a spoolie for perfect blending. If you prefer a more narrow pencil than the one that comes with Fro to Go, you may want to try Baby Hair. The super-slim tip lets you create realistic, extra-fine strokes that have a powder finish and long wear — and its built-in spoolie ensures everything is blended and shaped the way you want.

Uoma Brow Fro Fro to Go pencil and highlighter on a white backgrounf

Courtesy of brand

Uoma Brow Fro Baby Hair pencil and highlighter on a white background

Courtesy of brand