Meghan Markle Leaves Makeup Smudge on Man’s Jacket — Photo – Allure Magazine

This week, Meghan Markle left her mark on a fan in more ways than one. While attending the Poppy Factory’s Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on November 8, the Duchess of Sussex accidentally left a makeup smudge on a man’s jacket. However, as you might imagine, he didn’t mind at all.

The man in question is William Allen, a 99-year-old veteran who served in World War II and took part in the historic D-Day landings. As for the all-too-relatable makeup mishap, it occurred when Markle was thanking Allen for his service, as when she leaned in to hug and kiss him, she left a smudge of powder behind on his coat collar. Of course, Allen was way too elated to be meeting Markle (and get a hug from her) to care about the measly makeup stain.

In fact, according to royal correspondent Rebecca English, Allen was actually happy about the smudge and doesn’t intend on getting rid of it. English tweeted a photo of the priceless moment along with a caption about Allen — who turns 100 next month — and how he said, “I’m never washing that” when he was asked about the smudge. What an adorable response.

It’s safe to say this is one of the most heartwarming interactions Markle’s had with a fan during her time as Duchess so far. What’s more: It shows people that no one — not even a royal — is immune to makeup slip-ups every now and then.

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