Nail Artist Gracie J Shares Nail Art Ideas for the Modern Bride –

We’ve already established that your pre-wedding beauty prep should leave your skin glowing and your hair healthy, but it would be fair to assume that you haven’t given your nails quite as much careful consideration. Most brides decide on a polish color a few days prior to the ceremony and don’t give it much thought otherwise. But with the whole wide world of nail art available in more places than ever (especially in London, NYC, L.A., Tokyo, and Seoul), why shouldn’t you pull out all the stops when it comes to your big-day manicure?

In the spirit of livening up your hands on your wedding day (you know, aside from your showstopping engagement ring), we consulted with New York–based nail artist Gracie J. She even agreed to create four bespoke nail styles just for us: Honeymoon in a Bikini, a twist on the classic nude; Diamonds & Pearls, because you can never have too much sparkle; Golden Hour, a textured nail with real gold leaf; and Something Blue, for fashionable good luck. They’re all equally gorgeous, but don’t just take our word for it—learn all about Gracie’s inspiration behind each look below!