There’s nothing better than a date night to inspire some serious makeup adventures. Whether you routinely step out on the weekends or will be dusting off your dancing shoes for the first time in a while, a fresh new face beat will take any activity on the schedule to the next level.

If you’re feeling less than inspired for the big night, don’t worry. We conducted a poll of all our editors and came up with nine universally adored date-night makeup looks you won’t be able to resist. From glitzy, dramatic eye makeup to fresh skin and perfectly glossy lips, the looks are absolutely to die for.

Whether you’re headed out for a night with your friends, gearing up for a date with a special someone, or just taking yourself out for a fancy solo dinner (amen to that!), check out the editor-approved celebrity makeup looks that are so beautiful you won’t want to wash your face at the end of the night. But please always wash your makeup off, friends.

Beauty is now cruelty-free in California. ⁣ ⁣ On Jan. 1, the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which bans stores from selling cosmetics tested on animals, was enacted.⁣ ⁣ The legislation makes it unlawful for a manufacturer to “import for profit or sell” any cosmetic — makeup, skin care, body care and hair care — that was developed using animal testing on or after Jan. 1. A violation of the law is punishable by an initial fine of $5,000, followed by $1,000 a day. ⁣ ⁣ Tap the link in bio for more. ⁣ ⁣ Report: @ryma___________ ⁣ ⁣ —⁣ #wwdbeauty⁣ #crueltyfree ⁣ #california

Fashion king, Gucci king, crop-top king… all true statements about EXO’s Kai, to be honest, because can anyone in this world deny he is simply a fashion icon? Don’t think so. Since his very debut and up to these days, he’s always surprised us with incredible fashion choices, from elegant and chic to irreverent and avant-garde, but no matter what he wears, one thing’s for sure: he’s always breathtaking. No matter if he’s at the airport, on stage, or sitting front row at a fashion show, Kai is not afraid to go a step forward and try new things when talking style, and while choosing only 10 outfits was truly a hard task, here are some of our absolute favorite Kai looks on and off stage.

Crop Tops… All Of Them

We stan a man that breaks fashion paradigms. One of Kai’s great fashion features is how he wears anything he wants without going through the filter of “what he can or can’t wear,” and crop tops are proof of it. I mean, is there anyone out there rocking crop tops the way he is? I truly don’t think so. From cozy knit ones to ripped shirts and leather corsets, we’re here for Kai in crop tops now and for eternity.

Kai’s Tempo

The power, the irreverence, the simple-yet-groundbreaking vibes. This is a favorite for fans all around the world, as it seems to embrace every aspect of Kai’s personality and style: mysterious, elegant, bold, reserved, and extremely talented. It’s a combo of high fashion and a messy, effortless aesthetic only he can pull off oh-so-well.

Gucci Dreams Are Made Of This

Remember that day Kai broke the style realm by showing up at Gucci’s fashion show dressed like the king he is? Yep, nothing has been the same ever since. Kai is the very first Korean to become Gucci’s global ambassador, and oh-boy he deserves the title. The two-piece matching suit, the long sweater, the prince-like shoes, and of course, the nude headband dotted with crystals and strung with crystal fringe that fell down his chest and hung in front of his eyes. A fashion moment for the books.

Pajama Vibes

Ahhh…. being able to roll out of bed and look this good… yeah, can’t relate either, but I’m here to see how human beings like Kai manage to do so and look stunning while at it. If there’s one thing Kai knows how to do better than anyone else, it’s accessorizing. A simple color block set becomes a runway-worthy look thanks to the velvet backpack and Gucci loafers. A match made in heaven.

Leather Statement

May we take it back to this iconic moment in history? The leather, the crystals, the pearls, the belt… can anyone out there really pull this off except for Kai? This is one of his most iconic eras, and it’s really easy to see why. He’s been walking a step ahead of us all this time, and this is proof of it.

More Is More

There’s something about Kai and how he manages to pull off things no one else could. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here’s a clear example. When Kai shows up for Gucci fashion shows, he truly goes all the way, but he always keeps his essence. While there’s a lot happening here, it’s still Kai, and that’s why we love his style so much.

Velvety Vibes

The makeup, the hair, the turtleneck, the velvet… somehow this look falls into place like a perfect puzzle. Another one of Kai’s wonderful features is how his makeup always enhances his style. In this case, the perfect combo of burgundy eyeshadow and dark azure blue velvet come together to take our breath and minds away.

Good — And Stylish — Boy

Cozy-vibe goals right here. Kai has the ability to wear many different styles and look comfortable and like himself in all of them. Nothing he wears looks forced-on or like he’s trying too hard, even when he tests many different styles on the regular. This more British-oxford-vibes outfit is full of little details that make it one for the runway: the bag, the glasses, the patterns, the sneakers… a statement look without a doubt.

Simply Fall

There’s something so simple yet so elegant and chic about this outfit. The monochrome shades pair perfectly with the accents of the accessories, his hair color, and even the shoes. A true testament to how you can go simple and yet kill the fashion game.

New Era Prince Charming

I like to call this outfit the New Era Prince Charming, and I think you’ll get why. Not only does he look 20 times better than any of us at the airport, but he also manages to pull off the look almost as if he was born with it: it fits to perfection, and he looks ready to rescue anyone locked in a high tower and live happily ever after.

There are hundreds of other outfits Kai has worn in the past that deserve a fashion award, but these are some of our all-time faves. Which one is your favorite, Soompiers?

Caromalis is a K-pop, K-fashion, and K-beauty obsessed content creator and writer. You can find her interviewing some of your (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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For the fashion-savvy bride who’s buying multiple looks, Macon says the “bridal stylist” is also a trend that’s here to stay. “With the shift in focus from just the dress to the wedding wardrobe, the role of the bridal stylist is becoming a big deal. Which is why we decided to start offering this service at Over the Moon—to help brides put together a wedding weekend wardrobe that feels curated and cohesive, but also organic, and never overly styled.” That extends to the bridal party, too: “Matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses are gone for good,” she adds. “Perhaps this is a result of the rise in bridal styling, but the old school ‘you’ll wear it again,’ one-silhouette-fits-all bridesmaids dress seems to be [disappearing].”

Last year, Rosemary Hattenbach offered a solution: “Stick with a complementary palette, and let members of your bridal party wear different patterns, styles, hues, and designers that express their individual points of view.” Even better, your friends will have a lot more fun if they feel good about what they’re wearing, not resenting the polyester dress you chose for them.

Image may contain Furniture Glass Plant Table Cutlery Fork Flower Blossom Flower Arrangement Home Decor and Goblet

The low-key table settings at Mieka Tennant and Jacq Pablo’s California wedding.Photo: Kimberly and Raphael Molina

As weddings become more personal, decor is less delineated.

Like ball gowns and excessively-fancy meals, over-the-top flowers and table settings feel like relics of the past. “My favorite part of the last decade was moving on from typical bridal decor to more architectural designs,” wedding planner Stefanie Cove says. “We also saw a shift toward longer, family-style tables, which then led to looser garland florals [instead of classic arrangements]. I’m thankful that brides began to steer clear of tight centerpieces and mercury glass candles!”

Planner Marcy Blum echoed Cove’s sentiments about florals that “snake down a table and hang over the edges,” which look relaxed and don’t obscure your guests’ vision. Lynn Easton of Easton Events added that, in general, brides are more willing to experiment with color, pattern, and customization: “Whether it’s on the plate, napkin, tablecloth, glass or all mixed together, it’s all about pattern play right now.”

Of course, color and pattern look great in photos, too. The shift away from white-and-beige-everything may just be a result of our magpie tendencies: We need bright, eye-catching things to pique our interest—otherwise we keep on scrolling. If some of Vogue’s recent wedding slideshows are any indication, from a Burning Man-inspired weekend in Lake Como to this fashion-forward ceremony at the new TWA terminal, weddings will be even bolder (and more fun!) in the 2020s. And maybe more dazzling, too: How many brides and grooms will toast the ’20s with a Great Gatsby-style bash? If and when that becomes the next trend, you’ll know where to read about it.

If you can’t stand a chipped manicure, you’re probably already well-versed in the world of Shellac, gel and SNS nails.
But there’s a new ‘semi-hard’ nail technique in town that’s a must-try for those who take their talons seriously: Japanese gel nails.
Promising longer-lasting results and a more comfortable ‘feel’, here’s everything we know so far about this new mani method…

What is Japanese gel?

Japanese gel is a professional, soft-gel nail product hailing from (you guessed it) Japan.
True Japanese gel products are 5-free and are made in the native country, undergoing strict quality inspection. They’re also currently sold in small batch, not mass production, further establishing them as one of the most professional gel products on the market.
A key feature of Japanese gels is that “they’re able to provide strong adhesion and easy removal when soaking off with acetone,” says Paola Ponce, Licensed Nail Stylist and Japanese Gel Nail Instructor. “As a technician who only e-files, these types of gels file like butter and unlike hard gels, they allow you to differentiate between gel and natural nail so you can confidently file it down [without risking nail damage].”

What’s the difference between Japanese gels and regular gels?

One of the biggest reasons Japanese gels are gaining popularity, particularly with nail artist’s in LA and NYC, is because of how versatile the product is.
These gels “can be used not only for one-colour application but also for nail art as they’re highly pigmented,” explains Paola. “Japanese gel nail products use cosmetic grade pigment, allowing for single coat coverage and versatility.”
And unlike other soft gels, Japanese gel can also be used to build nail extensions. Paola says this is revolutionary for nail artist’s, as it provides the strength of a hard gel “but without the bulk”.

How long do Japanese gels last?

If applied correctly, Japanese gels should last up to four weeks, if not longer.

What’s it like getting a Japanese gel manicure?

Heading to New Pop Art nail salon in Sydney, Ellie had a Japanese gel manicure after being told it would last longer than her regular Shellac.
“The process was pretty much the same as a regular gel manicure”, she tells ELLE. “They applied a clear base coat, then two or three coats of colour and another clear coat.”

Japanese gel nails are set similarly to regular gels, using a UV lamp. “My appointment took a while because I got different colours, but I would say your appointment shouldn’t take any longer than a regular gel manicure.”
As for the results, Ellie says she definitely prefers Japanese gels over SNS. “For me, SNS just feels really thick,” she says. “Japanese gels aren’t as bulky, but they’re still slightly thicker, and I guess therefore stronger, than a regular gel mani.”
Well, we’re sold.

Kylie Jenner is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to nail art (her nails even have their own Instagram fan account), and her latest two-toned manicure could be her best yet for a number of reasons.

Some of our previous favorite manicures of Jenner’s include her contribution to the return of the french manicure, her tie-dye talons, and the fact she even convinced us to try a nostalgic butterfly design. This time, she may have solved a familiar nail dilemma by getting a two-toned manicure — basically a different nail polish color on each hand. Simple but effective.

If you’re a frequent salon-goer, you know the drill: you spend 15 minutes choosing a color to then change your mind once the nail tech has already started, only to revert back to the shade you eventually choose every damn salon visit. Well, the beauty mogul has decided that you shouldn’t have to choose between two shades anymore. Jenner posted her new set on Instagram with the caption “couldn’t decide 💗💜”, choosing to have one set of lavender nails and the other baby pink in her classic superlong, square nail shape.

To successfully re-create this manicure, it’s all about choosing shades that complement each other. Either choose colors from the same shade group, such as a cobalt blue with a powder blue, or take the route Jenner did and match two pastel hues together.

Ahead, get a closer look at her manicure, plus some other ideas to take to your next appointment or try at home.

Più di un vestito, poco meno di una borsa: la nail art, oggi come oggi, definisce il nostro stile, accessorio beauty, protagonista evanescente del nostro look (a volte, basta un po’ di acetone). La manicure ha un suo guardaroba che si adatta ai vestiti come alle stagioni: ci sono le unghie invernali, quelle estive e quelle no-season proprio come nella moda. Poche regole dunque molta fantasia, ma se volete districarvi con maggiore destrezza nel mondo delle nail art qui sotto trovate 15 manicure che le star hanno sfoggiato nel 2019 come in questi primi giorni del 2020. Unghie XXL e minimal si alternano a smalti con brillantini e French per una panoramica che, ne siamo certe, incontrerà i vostri gusti.

If you didn’t already know <a class="sugar-inline-link ga-track" title="Latest photos and news for Selena Gomez" href="" target="_blank" data-ga-category="Related" data-ga-label="" data-ga-action=" Links”>Selena Gomez had released her long-awaited third studio album, her current manicure serves as a gentle reminder. Prior to attending an iHeartRadio listening party on Thursday, the singer got a little nail art inspired by the album’s title, Rare. Done by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, the manicure consists of a classic white nail polish base with a different letter of the word painted on each nail in black.

The album gets its name from its triumphant opener, a song about recognizing one’s value even when the object of one’s affection does not. It makes sense then that Gomez would continually want to see the word emblazoned on her nails as she celebrates this exciting time. See photos of the meaningful manicure ahead.

nail art
Instagram/thehangedit, Instagram/oi_nail

Now that it’s 2020, we can finally say goodbye to the fashion disasters of the 2019 and say hello to the trends that will be leading the sartorial charge well into this new year. We love the fresh start that a new year can give us; it’s a great time freshen up our look. But that doesn’t just mean investing in a pair of jeans or new sneakers — it’s a good time to take a long hard look at our fingertips and see what nail art styles will be trending in 2020. It shouldn’t be a surprise but most of the trends that will be big in nails mirror trends that are big in pop culture and fashion in general. No, we aren’t talking Baby Yoda. Think ’90s, think western prints, and of course, bling and big nails will still be huge going forward.

Whether our nails are short or long there are tons of new styles that will let us keep things playful. One of the biggest trends that we’ve seen filter down from pop culture is astrology. We can already tell that this year, nails will be all about stars and signs. Similarly, styles taken from the Wellness trend will also influence nail trends — designs that mimic the look of crystals or gemstones will also dominate the next 12 months. Other trippy designs like mood nails, smiley faces, and asymmetrical shapes will also be big. Western styles and ’90s tie-dye will also be in focus, which is good news for people who like a bold print. We took a look at the top 20 nail styles that we can say with full confidence are going to be big in 2020. Take a look!

Many parents shed a tear when their little ones leave primary school but an emerging trend to see them off with a “graduation prom” has left many with eyewatering bills for sharp suits and elegant ball gowns.

The Americanisation of Scottish childhood, driven by social media sites such as TikTok, has transformed humble primary school discos into glamorous events demanding expensive formal wear.

Parents face a constant treadmill of formal occasions. Some spend £500 on communion dresses for seven-year-olds, and as much as £300 for “junior prom” dresses at the end of P7.

Some high schools have two formal dances a year, a “snow ball” for Christmas leavers and a final school prom in the summer.

Kitted Out, a community initiative that lends free formal…