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The weather is finally getting nice enough to swap winter coats for summer dresses, but if you’re makeup isn’t prepared for the heat, we’ve got you covered.

No one wants to go out with a face full of newly applied makeup just to feel like it’s melting off as soon as the sun hits it.

And with wedding season about to hit and spring racing almost upon us, you can bet you’ll likely find yourself outside a lot more often.

So what exactly can you do to stop the sun attacking your makeup?

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We spoke to Network 10’s Wardrobe Hair & Makeup Senior Operator Renee Wanna who told us how to beat the heat and humidity.

Aside from working her magic on a number of Network 10’s talent, Renee also applies Sarah Harris’ makeup every morning before she heads onto the Studio 10 set, so it’s safe to say she knows her stuff.

Here are her best tips and tricks:

Start with exfoliating your skin and keep it hydrated

Renee said good makeup application always starts with great skin, so the best idea is to start with good skin prep.

“That means exfoliating before nicely, maybe the night before, it doesn’t have to be on the day, just to create a good skin base,” she said.

“Then the morning of, give it a good cleanse, just with gentle cleaners and giving it a nice moisturising finish.”

Renee is also responsible for Sarah Harris’ red carpet makeup. Image: Supplied

She suggests mixing a little SPF sunscreen with your moisturiser too, especially if you’re planning a (boozy) day out in the sun.

“I’d assume a bit of drinking would be going on which is dehydrating [on the skin]. So [keeping] your base hydrated is the most important,” she said.

1. Use waterproof foundation as a base

For your base, the makeup pro suggests going for a waterproof foundation, which will help prevent things from slipping off your face throughout the day.

“You do need something a little heavier for the durability of the day. [Avoid] something super light because it’s just going to slide off,” Renee told 10 daily.

“We all know how hot it can get [at the races]. You want to aim to keep [your makeup] on, and that the base is nice and durable for the weather you’re about to go in to.”

2. Use a cream shadow or base before applying eye makeup

Renee admits one of her favourite eyeshadow tricks is using a cream base before applying eyeshadow because it gives it the ultimate staying power.

Renee and fellow Wardrobe Hair & Makeup Senior Operator Monica Borromeo. Image: Supplied

“It’s the most wonderful idea that we could come up with because if you think about when you powder a foundation, it makes it stick. It’s the same thing,” she explained.

“You’re putting a cream on your eyes and then you’re putting your eye shadow on top of it. It sets it and it’s not going to move anywhere.”

3. Use a tubular mascara instead of a waterproof one

When it comes to mascara, Renee said it’s best to go for a tubular formula over waterproof for long-lasting lashes during the racing season.

“Waterproof mascaras tend to smudge. I find when they smudge, that’s when you get your panda eyes,” she told 10 daily.

Renee said she always uses a tubular mascara on Sarah. Image: Supplied

“Whereas if you’re using something with a tubular base — I know Clinique and  Kevyn Aucoin does one — basically [you’re] coating your lashes with a tube as bizarre as it sounds.

“They basically just coat your lashes with a tube, as bizarre as it sounds. It makes [lashes] nice, thick and full,” she said. Renee revealed how easy tubular mascaras wash off with warm water, too.  “[The tubes] come off in a ball. So you’re never going to get left with any smudging — they’re so good,” she said.

4. Combine cream blush with powder blush on top for that glow

Renee revealed one of the most sought-after makeup looks for the races is glowy and radiant skin. But of course, glowy products normally mean creamy formulations which don’t tend to sit well with a day in the sun.

“These products are very shiny, which is great but you also need to remember to set that with powder,” she said. “So go in with your cream base, contours, your highlighters and everything but use a highlighting powder to set [the look].”

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Renee suggests applying a swirl of powder blush on your cheeks first to add colour to the face. Then, set the look with a creamy blush on top, which not only adds depth and durability, it’ll give skin a dewy, radiant and fresh glow.

“Everyone wants to look like they have beautiful shiny skin and they’re youthful and radiant,” she said. “If you want to give them that radiance, you go in cream first and then powder on top. You still get the best of both words.”

5. Top up your lipstick with paw paw ointment instead of reapplying lippie

When it comes to lips, Renee admits alcohol-based lipsticks have the best stay-put power. But some shy away from them because they can be drying.

These long-lasting lippies tend to offer a matte look which can dull down your makeup — something you want to avoid if you’re going for that dewy look.

Yet Renee has a special trick to deal with that.

Renee’s makeup kit for the Logies and we spy some of her recommendations. Image: Supplied

“Take a paw paw ointment in your bag and top up your lips with paw paw instead of reapplying your lipstick,” she told 10 daily. “By the time you use that, your lipstick is an alcohol base so it’s not going to move anyway.”

“You’ll always have that colour on the base of your lips and just by using a tiny bit of paw paw, it just tops it up and gives you a bit of gloss and shine.”

6. Pack an ‘incidentals’ kit for the day

While careful application is important to make your makeup last, at the end of the day, your base is naturally going to move.

“It’s not going to be perfect from the time that you left home, so I always say pack a little incidentals kit,” Renee suggested. “Put a little under-eye pen, some blotting papers for the t-zone and put some paw paw in the bag.”

And a final multi-tasking tip: “You can even get a cheek and lip duo which is a lipstick and a bit of a cream blush and voila, you’re off.”

Featured image: Supplied