Skin Care And Makeup 101 At Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library –

From the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library:

January 2, 2020

An interactive and informative class created to teach proper skincare and makeup application.

Tahliah Y. Fuller is a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and aromatherapist.

Skincare and Makeup 101 is an hour long program (or longer) during which time Tahliah gives a brief overview of the history of cosmetics and various cultural beautification practices.

For example, the ancient Egyptians used a combination of animal dung, warmed liver and other animal parts to create mascara which was (unbelievably!) brushed onto the eyelashes.

Crushed beetles and poisonous mercury were part of earlier lipstick formulations.

Tahliah also demystifies cosmetic and skincare shopping and gives advice on navigating through an often intimidating department store experience.

For those who prefer non chemical laden beauty products Tahliah offers simple recipes that won’t break the bank yet will yield almost the same results as those overpriced impressively packaged “name-brands”.

Visual aids are used such as kitchen based ingredients for skin care remedies. Simmered lettuce leaves or milk rinses for sunburned skin. Vodka and witch hazel based skin toners, etc.

After some light refreshments of lemon water, nuts and fruit attendees are given questionnaires to identify common skincare and makeup concerns that will be addressed and demonstrated.

This press release was produced by the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library. The views expressed here are the author’s own.