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V Vuitton, v Keira Knightley in Colette. Whichever way, it was time to go the full Gareth Southgate, ladies

The Big Bird dress

Seemed like Sesame Street’s finest was on everyone’s mood boards this season. Your new alternative pin-up

Zero-waste kits

What the LA crowd carried everywhere this year: water bottle, reusable mug, pot for compost and utensils. Polish that halo

Millennial mint

Overtook pink, especially in your home, but also in your wardrobe. Keep up


We couldn’t stop googling images of Baden-Baden 2006, thanks to Coleen v Rebekah

Google docs flirting

No one was passing notes in class any more: teenagers were flirting via shared Google docs on their laptops. Srsly

1990s Corrie

Reruns on ITV3 became cult viewing: cue…