Tanya Hennessy’s Carb-Themed Makeup Line Hits Stores This Friday & I’m Bloody Hungry For It – Pedestrian TV

Comedy queen Tanya Hennessy has teamed up with Priceline to create her own limited-edition food-themed makeup line, complete with an eyeshadow palette, mascara and brush set. I don’t know what’s rumbling louder – my stomach or my wallet.

“I wanted to make accessible makeup that was real and that wasn’t expensive and could be used everyday,” Tanya said, speaking on the collaboration. “The blend of comedy and cosmetics (and carbs!) has never really been done in Australia so I’m so excited to bring these products to market.” Beauty has never seemed so scrumptious, TBH.

The blessed ‘Carb Collection’ includes:
• ‘How Good is Bread’ eyeshadow palette – $25 (shades of brown in toast-shaped pans)
• ‘I Can’t Apply False Lashes So This is It’ waterproof mascara – $16 (in the shade ‘Midnight Snack’)
• ‘I Don’t Know How to Use Any of This’ brush set – $40 (4 x brushes in a fairy bread makeup bag)

‘The Carb Collection’ arrives this Friday 15 November in Priceline stores. Take my pennies, Tanya. TAKE ALL OF THEM.

Image: Supplied