The Sunday Times, November 3 2019, 12:01am

I’d started to worry that those sister-wife frocks, the demure floral things with high pie-crust necks and ankle-skimming hems, would never abate. Did they signal a potentially unhelpful response to, I don’t know, #MeToo, Brexit, the problematic fact that the two most referenced “style icons” in this country have the title of duchess and adhere to a strange set of archaic dressing “rules”?

Aside from any esoteric musings, isn’t all this restraint a bit boring? I worry about what mockery I should expect from my daughter when she looks back at pictures of me trussed up like a nun on the beach.

Yet, as someone who has always avoided showing cleavage (too Carry On for me and my DDs), anything Kardashiany makes me tense. But…