The main makeup artist “Euphoria” shares her glitter tips – Mash Viral

The finale of the first season of Euphoria was broadcast two months ago, but its influence on makeup is still fresh. More and more people are starting to experiment glitters and bold eye shadows with the motivation of the bold characters of the HBO show. Euphoria’s main makeup artist, Donielle Davy, often shares her point of view behind Rue, Jules, Kat, Maddy and Cassie’s makeup on her Instagram account. She recently explained how she created Street’s glittering ruby ​​look for the winter evening. Some details about street makeup that you may have missed have also been included. Did you know that she wore a burgundy eye shadow (more precisely the Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Pro eyeshadow palette, which is no longer available), because it corresponds to his favorite hoodie? Davy called the bright red color of Street “the color of the hero throughout season 1.”

In addition, the prismatic glitter that shines beneath her blue and purple eyes, like shimmering tears, are identical to those that Jules reached when she created her make-up for the carnival. “Since Jules was doing Street Make-up for the winter ceremony, I wanted her to use something we had already seen on her, a product that Jules had,” Davy added. Facinating.

The makeup artist then broke down some of her best glitter tips by listing the steps to follow to create the formal winter look.

The first was tapping the Glitter Pressed Blue Glitter Injections, which is a brilliant iridescent sky blue wrapped in a pan with a waxy base enhanced with jojoba oil and shea butter, over the top. eye shadow to give Zendaya’s lids a multi-tone effect. “In some angles, you just saw the reddish shadow, and in others, you saw the sparkling blue,” explained Davy. “That’s exactly how the corset part of his costume appeared in real life, what I was trying to imitate.”

Subsequently, Davy overcame the temples of Zendaya with the glittering starfish squeezed from the star of the Sea of ​​Glitter Injections, which is star-studded. Then she painted on tears of glitter with Lemonhead LA’s Houdini Spacepaste (the same one she put on Hunter Schaffer for Jules Carnival Makeup) because it’s a gel that dries for a long-lasting finish. Pressed flakes, on the other hand, work best on powder eye shadows, she noted. “Sequins can travel a little to other parts of your face,” she wrote. “The sequined gels, even if they stay exactly where you put them, will completely erase a regular powder eye shadow.The gels are best suited, either alone, or on a cream or liner eyeshadow long lasting.” I will definitely keep this in mind because glitter can become incredibly complicated, but you can have some sort of control over the product if you choose the right formula.

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