The nail art trend that’s sweeping the Instagram explore page –

This nail art trend is easier to achieve than you might think, and the best part? It can be completely tailored and personalised for you…

Astrology nails are back with a bang. They were huge this time last year, but the Instagram explore page is awash with them once again.

The horoscope boom is back

Our apparent worldwide obsession with all things star sign might explain the return of the trend.


Not to get too down about it, but according to an American Psychological Association survey, millennials have been the most likely generation to say their stress has increased in the past year, and in times of stress, people turn to astrology and horoscopes to try to explain or clarify things.

Nailing it

So, while we’re all googling furiously to find out what’s in store for Aquarians for the month, or would a Cancerian be compatible with a Capricorn, we’re also transferring the concept of horoscopes, stars, skies and sparkles to our nails.

Gold on nude would probably be the one I would go for.


Pink gelée background and moons, stars and glitter make this one stand out.

Gold, darkness and foil gives this one a Mystic Meg sort of vibe.


I adore this stiletto nail shape, and the star alignment on the thumb.

Pearlescent polish gives this one a mystical finish.

Gold foil and graphic stars make this shorter look youthful and playful.


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Photo from Instagram (@heynicenails)