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There is one such thing that Can fix makeup problems. One such makeup product is primer. By the way, the primer is applied before the foundation to make the makeup long lasting and smooth. After applying it, your whole look looks quite good.

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But its use is not limited to this only. If you want, you can apply it in many ways during makeup and enhance your makeup look. Not only this, even if there are disturbances during makeup, it can be corrected with the help of primer. So, today we are telling you some of the best use of primer.

Make BB Cream: Do you know that you can also prepare BB cream on your own using primer. All you need for this is primer and foundation. For this you first take a little primer on the back side of your hand and after that add a couple of drop foundation and mix it well. Your BB cream is ready. Now you can apply it easily on your skin.

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Lipstick will not melt: Many women like to apply cream lipstick, but this lipstick often melts and spreads from the corners. You can easily fix this problem with the help of primer. Take a small lip brush and apply some primer on it. Apply this brush on the edges of your lips before applying lipstick. Now you apply lipstick. After applying the primer your lipstick will not come out of the corners.

Increase the length of lashes : You may use mascara to show the length of lashes, but even after applying the mascara many times, you still do not get the look you want. In this case, you use a disposable mascara spoolie to apply primer lashes and then apply your mascara. Your eyelashes will look instant and full.

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Eyeliner Mistake: Eyeliner has an important role during eye makeup. But sometimes it happens that there is a mess while applying eyeliner and at that time you have to remove the entire eye makeup or you remove the makeup by dipping the Q-tip in the makeup remover. But now you do not need to do this. If you wish, you can also take the help of primer. This will also fix your eyeliner and you will not need to remove makeup.

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