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Whenever you do eye makeup, first you must take care of the size and color of the eyes. For example, if your eyes are small, very thick eyeliner does not look good on the eyes and this makes the eyes look even smaller. In the same way, you should also focus on the color of your eyes before doing eye makeup. So let us tell you today how to make brown eyes-

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The special thing about brown eyes is that any color on them looks quite good. You can give them any kind of shade. But if you are getting ready for any function or want to give your eyes a totally different and bold look, then you can choose metallic shades like brown, gold, bronze and even pink. Such shades make your eyes more beautiful by focusing more on your eyes.

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If you have dark circles under your eyes, make sure to use concealer while applying makeup. If the dark circles under the eyes are visible then the entire eye Makeup will also be suppressed. By the way, if you take a shed light while doing the concealer, then you can easily illuminate your under-eye area as well as you can do it. After this, you will not need to highlight separately.

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