Wait, You Need This: 5 New Skincare, Makeup, and Nail Products of November 7th – Cosmopolitan



Okay, truthfully, IDK when this launched—definitely within this year—but it’s new to ME! In the winter, I’m always looking for a good cuticle serum to hydrate the scraggly skin that hugs my nail beds, and this is going to be my winter 2019 go-to. 

My favorite part about it? The dispenser is a soft puff, which allows me to easily buff on the avocado-, jojoba-, apricot-, and sunflower-seed-oil-packed serum, unlike with brush applicators, which, IMHO, can get so effing messy. And bonus, it isn’t greasy! It def won’t be leaving my bag for the entirety of the season.

✨ Carly Cardellino Vaccaro, beauty director