Who Stole Millions Worth of Jeffree Star Makeup? — Inside the Robbery – Distractify

In Shane Dawson’s latest Jeffree Star documentary video, the YouTubers detail a scary robbery that took place earlier this year at one of the beauty mogul’s cosmetic warehouses. In the video titled, “The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star,” the influencer sends Shane a voice memo, telling him that about $1 million worth of product had been stolen.  

“When it rains it pours, right? I woke up today and $1 million of product was stolen from my warehouse last night. We believe that it was an inside job and I’m in full panic mode,” he said. Detailing the makeup heist to his bestie, Jeffree explains that the robbers cut a hole in the roof to obtain access to the security room. After disarming the alarms and cameras, the culprits walked away with about $2.5 million worth of products.

So, who stole Jeffree Star’s makeup?