Zombie makeup traumatizes ER trauma team – Undead Walking

Tis the season for chilling costumes and macabre makeup, but this woman’s zombie makeup was so real that it had the ER staff scared for her safety.

In fairness, Jai Fears went to the ER for an anxiety attack that came on as a result of a reaction to the zombie makeup she was wearing. But when the ER staff at Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak saw her they sent her straight to the trauma team.

Fears was getting ready to shoot a Halloween-themed marketing campaign for Glam Gore when she started to have an allergic reaction to the makeup after being in the makeup chair for three hours. That’s when she ended up in the ER, but when she tried to explain that she was actually having a panic attack the hospital staff thought she was going into shock from her facial injuries.

As it happens, that was all makeup. (And let’s face it (pun intended) – if your makeup tricks an entire ER staff then that is one darn good makeup job!)

According to the Detroit Metro Times, the hospital was none too pleased when they discovered that Fears wasn’t actually dealing with a level one trauma and they issued the following statement: “The emergency room is not a place for fun and games. They see many patients with severe medical issues where lives are at stake. Doctors need to be able to focus on those patients with true emergencies.”

It’s hard to understand why Beaumont’s reaction is so harsh considering that they were the ones to make the wrong assumption. Fears, who was in the grips of the panic attack that landed her in the ER in the first place, guessed that the staff knew it was makeup. Clearly that wasn’t the case.

Thankfully Fears was treated and released, and everyone involved learned a very important lesson about the potential hazards of wearing zombie makeup in the ER.